About Us

Hello! My name is Eric and I am the founder of ArcRings. It's nice to meet you, and I'm glad you found us in your search for a wedding band that is just as versatile as you are.

So what is ArcRings, and how did we come about to making the sleekest silicone rings on the market? Let me start from the beginning...

It all started back in 2015 when my gym buddy was squatting 245 lbs and kept complaining how his wedding ring kept clanking and distracting him from the task at hand: lifting a ton of weight while staying safe.

I started thinking about that moment about how at my workplace at the time didn't allow wedding rings on the shop floor, to prevent de-gloving (I was working as a Mechanical Engineer for Caterpillar), and about the people I knew that got injured from their metal rings getting caught on objects (some had even lost their fingers!). It got me thinking - people want to wear their wedding ring everywhere they go, but it's unsafe in certain situations... how can we solve this problem?

I started doing research into alternative wedding rings, and found that there was a silicone ring on the market, however it was just a rubber ring that looked like a tire! Right then and there I decided that I would make a good looking silicone ring that people would want to wear... And that is how ArcRings Silicone Wedding Rings were born.

I teamed up with a good industrial designer buddy of mine, Mun, and together we came up with our classic ArcRings Ridged design. We wanted to create a ring that was both safe and sleek, while still looking good and being unique in it's own right. We decided on a classic 3-ring band, with a custom design in the middle - something no one else had attempted in a silicone ring.

It wasn't an easy road - it took us 9 months of constant testing to create a 3-band ring that didn't fall apart easily. We could have gone the easy route and used glue, but we decided instead to use a special patented process we developed. No glue, just 1 solid, beautiful piece of ring that won't fall apart on you, and will protect one of your most important assets - your hands.

It is my personal mission to make sure every Industrial Worker, Crossfitter, Fireman, and any other occupation that uses their hands is safe against de-gloving with an ArcRing.

If you would like to equip your company or organization with ArcRings, please contact us for bulk pricing.

Thank you for reading!