Mens Silicone Wedding Rings.

For the Everyday Husband.

The Highest Quality Silicone Wedding Ring in the World

While other silicone ring brands simply glue separate pieces together, ArcRings decided to redesign the two-tone ring from the ground up. Using our patented fusion manufacturing process, we created a two-tone ring that won't fall apart after just a few weeks. Couple that with superior quality hypoallergenic silicone, a 2mm low-profile design, and you have the most luxurious, elegant, and comfortable silicone wedding ring in the world.

Doesn’t the most important relationship of your life deserve more than just a rubber ring?

Backed by a Lifetime Guarantee

Our rings are designed to break in dangerous situations, one's in which a traditional metal ring would cause degloving.

Your ArcRing save your finger while doing electrical work? Catch on a branch doing tree maintenance? Send us your story, and we'll send you a replacement ArcRing - free of charge.

Show Your Love in Any Situation

Traditional metal wedding rings expose an active man such as yourself to many risks - degloving, amputation, even electrocution. That's why they're prohibited in many industrial occupations, such as for electricians, construction workers and machinists.

Whether wiring a 20kV electrical installation, laying 5000 lb concrete pipes at a construction site, or even just setting a new personal record in the squat rack during lunch, you now have an elegant, safe wedding ring you can wear in any situation.

Imagine how special your wife will feel, knowing you can now show your love in any situation.



Designed with Simplicity

A Timeless Design


ArcRings created the best silicone ring by adding a “pyramid-type” design in the middle. The squares are the base of a pyramid, which symbolize the true love as the foundation of a loving relationship.

Available in 2 Colors

Two stunning designs to choose from:

Sleek Black  and  Classic Gray

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